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Subgenus Achillides

order Lepidoptera superfamily Papilionoidea family Papilionidae subfamily Papilioninae tribe Papilionini genus Papilio → Subgenus Achillides Hübner, [1819]


Daughter taxa

Papilio arcturus Westwood, 1842 [species]

Papilio arcturus arcturulus, Papilio arcturus arcturus, Papilio arcturus arius

Papilio bianor Cramer, [1777] [species]

Papilio bianor amamiensis, Papilio bianor bianor, Papilio bianor dehaani, Papilio bianor doii, Papilio bianor ganesa, Papilio bianor hachijonis, Papilio bianor junia, Papilio bianor kotoensis, Papilio bianor mandschurica, Papilio bianor nakaharae, Papilio bianor okinawensis, Papilio bianor pinratanai, Papilio bianor ryukyuensis, Papilio bianor stockleyi, Papilio bianor takasago, Papilio bianor tokaraensis

Papilio blumei Boisduval, 1836 [species]

Papilio blumei blumei, Papilio blumei fruhstorferi

Papilio buddha Westwood, 1872 [species]

Papilio chikae Igarashi, 1965 [species]

Papilio chikae chikae, Papilio chikae hermeli

Papilio crino Fabricius, 1793 [species]

Papilio dialis Leech, 1893 [species]

Papilio dialis andronicus, Papilio dialis cataleucas, Papilio dialis dialis, Papilio dialis doddsi, Papilio dialis schanus

Papilio elephenor Doubleday, 1845 [species]

Papilio hoppo Matsumura, 1908 [species]

Papilio karna C. & R. Felder, 1864 [species]

Papilio karna carnatus, Papilio karna discordia, Papilio karna irauana, Papilio karna karna

Papilio krishna Moore, 1857 [species]

Papilio krishna charlesi, Papilio krishna krishna, Papilio krishna mayumiae, Papilio krishna thawgawa

Papilio lorquinianus C. & R. Felder, 1865 [species]

Papilio lorquinianus albertisi, Papilio lorquinianus boanoensis, Papilio lorquinianus dewaro, Papilio lorquinianus esmae, Papilio lorquinianus gelia, Papilio lorquinianus lorquinianus, Papilio lorquinianus ochoco, Papilio lorquinianus philippus

Papilio maackii Menetries, 1859 [species]

Papilio maacki han, Papilio maackii han, Papilio maackii jezoensis, Papilio maacki maacki, Papilio maackii maackii, Papilio maacki tutanus, Papilio maackii tutanus

Papilio montrouzieri Boisduval, 1859 [species]

Papilio neumoegeni Honrath, 1890 [species]

Papilio palinurus Fabricius, 1787 [species]

Papilio palinurus adventus, Papilio palinurus angustatus, Papilio palinurus auffenbergi, Papilio palinurus daedalus, Papilio palinurus nikagoras, Papilio palinurus nymphodorus, Papilio palinurus palinurus, Papilio palinurus vega

Papilio paris Linnaeus, 1758 [species]

Papilio paris arjuna, Papilio paris battacorum, Papilio paris chinensis, Papilio paris gedeensis, Papilio paris hermosanus, Papilio paris majestatis, Papilio paris nakaharai, Papilio paris neoparis, Papilio paris paris, Papilio paris splendorifer, Papilio paris tamilana, Papilio paris tenggerensis, Papilio paris tissaphernes

Papilio peranthus Fabricius, 1787 [species]

Papilio peranthus adamantius, Papilio peranthus baweana, Papilio peranthus baweanus, Papilio peranthus fannius, Papilio peranthus fulgens, Papilio peranthus insulicola, Papilio peranthus intermedius, Papilio peranthus kinesias, Papilio peranthus kransi, Papilio peranthus peranthus, Papilio peranthus transiens, Papilio peranthus wangiwangiensis

Papilio pericles Wallace, 1865 [species]

Papilio polyctor Boisduval, 1836 [species]

Papilio polyctor polyctor, Papilio polyctor significans, Papilio polyctor stockleyi, Papilio polyctor xiei

Papilio syfanius Oberthür, 1886 [species]

Papilio syfanius albimaculata, Papilio syfanius albosyfanius, Papilio syfanius kongaensis, Papilio syfanius syfanius

Papilio ulysses Linnaeus, 1758 [species]

Papilio ulysses ambiguus, Papilio ulysses ampelius, Papilio ulysses autolycus, Papilio ulysses dirce, Papilio ulysses dohertius, Papilio ulysses gabrielis, Papilio ulysses georgius, Papilio ulysses joesa, Papilio ulysses melanotica, Papilio ulysses morotaicus, Papilio ulysses nigerrimus, Papilio ulysses orsippus, Papilio ulysses oxyartes, Papilio ulysses psychon, Papilio ulysses reikoae, Papilio ulysses telegonus, Papilio ulysses telemachus, Papilio ulysses ulysses


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