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Subfamily Schoenobiinae

order Lepidoptera superfamily Pyraloidea family Crambidae → Subfamily Schoenobiinae


Daughter taxa

Acropentias Meyrick, 1890 [genus]

Acropentias aurea, Acropentias aureus, Acropentias papuensis

Adelpherupa Hampson, 1919 [genus]

Adelpherupa albescens, Adelpherupa flavescens

Argyrostola Hampson, 1896 [genus]

Argyrostola ruficostalis

Calamoschoena Poulton, 1916 [genus]

Calamoschoena nigripunctalis, Calamoschoena stictalis

Carectocultus Blanchard, 1975 [genus]

Carectocultus dominicki

Catagela Walker, 1863 [genus]

Catagela adoceta, Catagela subdodatella

Chionobosca Turner, 1911 [genus]

Chionobosca actinopis

Cyclocausta Warren, 1889 [genus]

Cyclocausta trinilineata

Donacaula (Meyrick, 1890) [genus]

Donacaula amblyptepennis, Donacaula aquilella, Donacaula forficella, Donacaula longirostrella, Donacaula maximella, Donacaula melinella, Donacaula mucronella, Donacaula nilotica, Donacaula niloticus, Donacaula nitidella, Donacaula pallulella, Donacaula roscidella, Donacaula sordidella, Donacaula tripunctella, Donacaula unipunctella, Donacaula uxorialis

Helonastes Common, 1960 [genus]

Helonastes acentrus

Leptosteges Warren, 1889 [genus]

Leptosteges pulverulenta

Leucargyra Hampson, 1896 [genus]

Leucargyra puralis, Leucargyra xanthoceps

Leucoides Hampson, 1893 [genus]

Leucoides fuscicostalis

Niphadoses Common, 1960 [genus]

Niphadoses elachia, Niphadoses hoplites, Niphadoses palleucus

Panalipa Moore, [1886] [genus]

Panalipa immeritalis

Patissa Moore, [1886] [genus]

Patissa atricostalis, Patissa atrilinealis, Patissa chrysozona, Patissa curvilinealis, Patissa erythrozonalis, Patissa flavicostella, Patissa flavifascialis, Patissa fractilinealis, Patissa fulvicepsalis, Patissa fulvipunctalis, Patissa fuscipunctalis, Patissa geminalis, Patissa latifuscalis, Patissa melitopis, Patissa monostidzalis, Patissa nigropunctata, Patissa ochreipalpalis, Patissa ochroalis, Patissa onirophanta, Patissa parthenialis, Patissa pentamita, Patissa percopsis, Patissa pulverea, Patissa rubrilinealis, Patissa rufitinctalis, Patissa sordidalis, Patissa stenopteralis, Patissa tinctalis, Patissa vestaliella, Patissa virginea, Patissa xantholeucalis, Patissa xanthoperas

Promacrochilo Bleszynski, 1962 [genus]

Promacrochilo ambiguellus

Rupela Walker, 1863 [genus]

Rupela adunca, Rupela albinella, Rupela antonia, Rupela bendis, Rupela candace, Rupela canens, Rupela cornigera, Rupela drusilla, Rupela edusa, Rupela faustina, Rupela gaia, Rupela gibbera, Rupela herie, Rupela horridula, Rupela imitativa, Rupela jana, Rupela labeosa, Rupela lara, Rupela leucatea, Rupela liberta, Rupela lumaria, Rupela maenas, Rupela monstrata, Rupela nereis, Rupela nivea, Rupela orbona, Rupela pallidula, Rupela procula, Rupela saetigera, Rupela scitula, Rupela segrega, Rupela sejuncta, Rupela spinifera, Rupela tinctella, Rupela vexativa

Schoenobius (Duponchel, 1836) [genus]

Schoenobius dodatellus, Schoenobius endochalybella, Schoenobius endochralis, Schoenobius flavus, Schoenobius gigantella, Schoenobius irrorata, Schoenobius lanceolellus, Schoenobius molybdoplecta, Schoenobius phaepastalis, Schoenobius pulverealis, Schoenobius pyraustalis, Schoenobius retractalis, Schoenobius rufalis, Schoenobius sasakii, Schoenobius semifuscalis, Schoenobius vinosellus, Schoenobius vittatalis

Scirpophaga (Treitschke, 1832) [genus]

Scirpophaga auristrigella, Scirpophaga aurivena, Scirpophaga bradleyi, Scirpophaga brunnealis, Scirpophaga excerptalis, Scirpophaga flavidorsalis, Scirpophaga fusciflua, Scirpophaga gilviberbis, Scirpophaga goliath, Scirpophaga gotoi, Scirpophaga imparella, Scirpophaga incertulas, Scirpophaga innotata, Scirpophaga khasis, Scirpophaga lineata, Scirpophaga magnella, Scirpophaga marginepunctella, Scirpophaga melanoclista, Scirpophaga melanostigma, Scirpophaga nivella, Scirpophaga occidentella, Scirpophaga ochritinctalis, Scirpophaga ochroleuca, Scirpophaga parvalis, Scirpophaga percna, Scirpophaga perstrialis, Scirpophaga phaedima, Scirpophaga praelata, Scirpophaga repugnatalis, Scirpophaga serena, Scirpophaga subumbrosa, Scirpophaga terrella, Scirpophaga tongyaii, Scirpophaga virginia, Scirpophaga whalleyi, Scirpophaga xantharrenes, Scirpophaga xanthogastrella, Scirpophaga xanthopygata

Stenocalama Hampson, 1919 [genus]

Stenocalama ochrotis

Tipanaea Walker, 1863 [genus]

Tipanaea intactella, Tipanaea patulella


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