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Genus Papilio

order Lepidoptera superfamily Papilionoidea family Papilionidae subfamily Papilioninae tribe Papilionini → Genus Papilio (Linnaeus, 1758)


Daughter taxa

Achillides Hübner, [1819] [subgenus]

Papilio arcturus, Papilio bianor, Papilio blumei, Papilio buddha, Papilio chikae, Papilio crino, Papilio dialis, Papilio elephenor, Papilio hoppo, Papilio karna, Papilio krishna, Papilio lorquinianus, Papilio maackii, Papilio montrouzieri, Papilio neumoegeni, Papilio palinurus, Papilio paris, Papilio peranthus, Papilio pericles, Papilio polyctor, Papilio syfanius, Papilio ulysses

Chilasa Moore, 1881 [subgenus]

Druryia Aurivillius, 1881 [subgenus]

Papilio andronicus, Papilio antimachus, Papilio arnoldiana, Papilio charopus, Papilio chitondensis, Papilio chrapkowskii, Papilio chrapkowskoides, Papilio cynorta, Papilio cyproeofila, Papilio desmondi, Papilio echerioides, Papilio epiphorbas, Papilio fernandus, Papilio filaprae, Papilio fuelleborni, Papilio gallienus, Papilio hornimani, Papilio interjectana, Papilio jacksoni, Papilio mackinnoni, Papilio maesseni, Papilio manlius, Papilio mechowi, Papilio mechowianus, Papilio microps, Papilio nireus, Papilio oribazus, Papilio phorbanta, Papilio plagiatus, Papilio rex, Papilio sosia, Papilio thuraui, Papilio ufipa, Papilio zalmoxis, Papilio zenobia

Heraclides Hübner, [1819] [subgenus]

Papilio anchisiades, Papilio andraemon, Papilio androgeus, Papilio aristodemus, Papilio aristor, Papilio astyalus, Papilio caiguanabus, Papilio chiansiades, Papilio cresphontes, Papilio epenetus, Papilio erostratus, Papilio garleppi, Papilio hectorides, Papilio himeros, Papilio homothoas, Papilio hyppason, Papilio isidorus, Papilio lamarchei, Papilio machaonides, Papilio melonius, Papilio ornythion, Papilio oxynius, Papilio paeon, Papilio pelaus, Papilio peleides, Papilio rogeri, Papilio rumiko, Papilio thersites, Papilio thoas, Papilio torquatus

Princeps Hübner, [1807] [subgenus]

Papilio acheron, Papilio aegeus, Papilio albinus, Papilio alcmenor, Papilio ambrax, Papilio amynthor, Papilio anactus, Papilio antonio, Papilio ascalaphus, Papilio bootes, Papilio bridgei, Papilio castor, Papilio constantinus, Papilio dardanus, Papilio deiphobus, Papilio delalandei, Papilio demodocus, Papilio demoleus, Papilio demolion, Papilio diophantus, Papilio dravidarum, Papilio elwesi, Papilio erithonioides, Papilio erskinei, Papilio euchenor, Papilio euphranor, Papilio forbesi, Papilio fuscus, Papilio gambrisius, Papilio gigon, Papilio godeffroyi, Papilio grosesmithi, Papilio helenus, Papilio heringi, Papilio hesperus, Papilio hipponous, Papilio horribilis, Papilio inopinatus, Papilio iswara, Papilio iswaroides, Papilio jordani, Papilio lampsacus, Papilio leucotaenia, Papilio liomedon, Papilio lormieri, Papilio luzviae, Papilio macilentus, Papilio mahadeva, Papilio mangoura, Papilio maraho, Papilio mayo, Papilio memnon, Papilio menestheus, Papilio morondavana, Papilio nephelus, Papilio nobilis, Papilio noblei, Papilio nubilus, Papilio oenomaus, Papilio ophidicephalus, Papilio pelodurus, Papilio phestus, Papilio phorcas, Papilio pitmani, Papilio polymnestor, Papilio polytes, Papilio prexaspes, Papilio protenor, Papilio ptolychus, Papilio sakontala, Papilio sataspes, Papilio schmeltzi, Papilio thaiwanus, Papilio tydeus, Papilio weymeri, Papilio woodfordi

Pterourus Scopoli, 1777 [subgenus]

Papilio appalachiensis, Papilio birchallii, Papilio cacicus, Papilio canadensis, Papilio esperanza, Papilio eurymedon, Papilio euterpinus, Papilio garamas, Papilio glaucus, Papilio hellanichus, Papilio homerus, Papilio menatius, Papilio multicaudata, Papilio neyi, Papilio palamedes, Papilio pilumnus, Papilio rutulus, Papilio scamander, Papilio troilus, Papilio tros, Papilio warscewiczii, Papilio xanthopleura, Papilio zagreus

Papilio agestor Gray, 1831 [species]

Papilio agestor agestor, Papilio agestor govindra, Papilio agestor matsumurae, Papilio agestor restricta, Papilio agestor shirozui, Papilio agestor teruyonae

Papilio alexanor (Esper, 1800) [species]

Papilio alexanor alexanor, Papilio alexanor destelensis, Papilio alexanor hazarajatica, Papilio alexanor judaeus, Papilio alexanor orientalis, Papilio alexanor radighierii, Papilio alexanor voldemar

Papilio aristophontes Oberthür, 1897 [species]

Papilio benguelana Joicey & Talbot, 1923 [species]

Papilio brevicauda Saunders, 1869 [species]

Papilio brevicauda bretonensis, Papilio brevicauda brevicauda, Papilio brevicauda gaspeensis

Papilio bromius Doubleday, 1845 [species]

Papilio bromius bromius, Papilio bromius cyclopis, Papilio bromius furvus, Papilio bromius interjacens

Papilio carolinensis Jumalon, 1967 [species]

Papilio clytia Linnaeus, 1758 [species]

Papilio clytia anuus, Papilio clytia clytia, Papilio clytia dissimilina, Papilio clytia duboisi, Papilio clytia echidna, Papilio clytia flavolimbatus, Papilio clytia gulam, Papilio clytia lacedemon, Papilio clytia lankeswara, Papilio clytia palephates, Papilio clytia panope, Papilio clytia panopinus, Papilio clytia partidu, Papilio clytia takizawai, Papilio clytia visayensis

Papilio epycides Hewitson, [1864] [species]

Papilio epycides curiatius, Papilio epycides epycides, Papilio epycides horatius, Papilio epycides hypochra, Papilio epycides melanoleucus, Papilio epycides yamabuki

Papilio hospiton (Guenee, 1839) [species]

Papilio indra Reakirt, 1866 [species]

Papilio indra bonnevillensis, Papilio indra calcicola, Papilio indra fordi, Papilio indra indra, Papilio indra kaibabensis, Papilio indra martini, Papilio indra minori, Papilio indra nevadensis, Papilio indra panamintensis, Papilio indra pergamus, Papilio indra phyllisae, Papilio indra pygmaeus, Papilio indra shastensis

Papilio laglaizei Depuiset, 1877 [species]

Papilio machaon Linnaeus, 1758 [species]

Papilio machaon aliaska, Papilio machaon annae, Papilio machaon archias, Papilio machaon asiaticus, Papilio machaon baijangensis, Papilio machaon bairdii, Papilio machaon birmanicus, Papilio machaon brucei, Papilio machaon centralis, Papilio machaon chinensis, Papilio machaon gorganus, Papilio machaon hippocrates, Papilio machaon hudsonianus, Papilio machaon kamtschadalus, Papilio machaon kiyonobu, Papilio machaon kunkalaschani, Papilio machaon ladakensis, Papilio machaon lapponica, Papilio machaon machaon, Papilio machaon mauretanica, Papilio machaon montanus, Papilio machaon muetingi, Papilio machaon neochinensis, Papilio machaon oregonius, Papilio machaon oreinus, Papilio machaon orientis, Papilio machaon pikei, Papilio machaon sachalinensis, Papilio machaon schapiroi, Papilio machaon septentrionalis, Papilio machaon sikkimensis, Papilio machaon suroia, Papilio machaon sylvinus, Papilio machaon syriacus, Papilio machaon taliensis, Papilio machaon ussuriensis, Papilio machaon verityi, Papilio machaon weidenhofferi

Papilio moerneri Aurivillius, 1919 [species]

Papilio moerneri mayrhoferi, Papilio moerneri moerneri

Papilio nandina Rothschild & Jordan, 1901 [species]

Papilio nerminae Koçak, 1983 [species]

Papilio nobicea Suffert, 1904 [species]

Papilio osmana Jumalon, 1967 [species]

Papilio osmana cabale, Papilio osmana osmana

Papilio paradoxa (Zinken, 1831) [species]

Papilio paradoxa aenigma, Papilio paradoxa melanostoma, Papilio paradoxa niasicus, Papilio paradoxa paradoxa, Papilio paradoxa telearchus, Papilio paradoxa telesicles

Papilio polyxenes Fabricius, 1775 [species]

Papilio polyxenes americus, Papilio polyxenes asterius, Papilio polyxenes coloro, Papilio polyxenes gerardi, Papilio polyxenes kahli, Papilio polyxenes polyxenes, Papilio polyxenes sadalus, Papilio polyxenes stabilis

Papilio rumanzovia Eschscholtz, 1821 [species]

Papilio saharae Oberthür, 1879 [species]

Papilio saharae rathjensi, Papilio saharae saharae

Papilio sjoestedti Aurivillius, 1908 [species]

Papilio sjoestedti atavus, Papilio sjoestedti sjoestedti

Papilio slateri Hewitson, 1853 [species]

Papilio slateri hainanensis, Papilio slateri hewitsoni, Papilio slateri marginata, Papilio slateri perses, Papilio slateri slateri, Papilio slateri tavoyanus

Papilio toboroi Ribbe, 1907 [species]

Papilio veiovis Hewitson, [1865] [species]

Papilio wilsoni Rothschild, 1926 [species]

Papilio xuthus Linnaeus, 1767 [species]

Papilio xuthus koxinga, Papilio xuthus koxingus, Papilio xuthus neoxuthus, Papilio xuthus xuthus

Papilio zelicaon Lucas, 1852 [species]

Papilio zelicaon nitra, Papilio zelicaon zelicaon


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