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Papilio menatius

 Papilio menatius male


order Lepidoptera superfamily Papilionoidea family Papilionidae subfamily Papilioninae tribe Papilionini genus Papilio subgenus Pterourus → species Papilio menatius

Species name(s)

Papilio (Pterourus) menatius (Hübner, [1819]) = Papilio aristeus = Papilio coristheus = Papilio ctesias = Papilio felicis = Papilio lycorta = Papilio cleotas = Papilio coroebus = Calaides menatius Hübner, [1819] = Pyrrhosticta menatius = Pterourus menatius = Papilio aristeus Cramer 1781.


Zoogeographical regions

Nearctic, Neotropic.

Primary colors

Orange, Yellow, Brown, Black. Other species of the similar colors

 Papilio menatius male


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Photos: Dmitriy Pozhogin.


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