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Genus Graphium

order Lepidoptera superfamily Papilionoidea family Papilionidae subfamily Papilioninae tribe Leptocircini → Genus Graphium Scopoli, 1777


Daughter taxa

Arisbe Hübner, [1819] [subgenus]

Graphium abri, Graphium adamastor, Graphium agamedes, Graphium almansor, Graphium angolanus, Graphium antheus, Graphium auriger, Graphium aurivilliusi, Graphium biokoensis, Graphium colonna, Graphium cyrnus, Graphium endochus, Graphium evombar, Graphium fulleri, Graphium gudenusi, Graphium hachei, Graphium illyris, Graphium junodi, Graphium kigoma, Graphium kirbyi, Graphium latreillianus, Graphium leonidas, Graphium levassori, Graphium liponesco, Graphium morania, Graphium olbrechtsi, Graphium philonoe, Graphium poggianus, Graphium policenes, Graphium policenoides, Graphium polistratus, Graphium porthaon, Graphium ridleyanus, Graphium rileyi, Graphium schaffgotschi, Graphium schubotzi, Graphium simoni, Graphium taboranus, Graphium tynderaeus, Graphium ucalegon, Graphium ucalegonides

Idaides [subgenus]

Graphium agamemnon, Graphium arycles, Graphium bathycles, Graphium browni, Graphium chironides, Graphium cloanthus, Graphium codrus, Graphium doson, Graphium empedocles, Graphium empedovana, Graphium eurypylus, Graphium evemon, Graphium gelon, Graphium hicetaon, Graphium leechi, Graphium macfarlanei, Graphium macleayanus, Graphium meeki, Graphium mendana, Graphium meyeri, Graphium monticolus, Graphium procles, Graphium protensor, Graphium sandawanum, Graphium sarpedon, Graphium stresemanni, Graphium wallacei, Graphium weiskei

Paranticopsis Wood-Mason & de Nicéville, 1887 [subgenus]

Graphium alebion, Graphium delessertii, Graphium deucalion, Graphium encelades, Graphium eurous, Graphium idaeoides, Graphium incerta, Graphium macareus, Graphium mandarinus, Graphium megaera, Graphium megarus, Graphium phidias, Graphium ramaceus, Graphium stratocles, Graphium tamerlana, Graphium thule, Graphium timur, Graphium xenocles

Pathysa [subgenus]

Graphium agetes, Graphium androcles, Graphium antiphates, Graphium aristeus, Graphium decolor, Graphium dorcus, Graphium epaminondas, Graphium euphrates, Graphium euphratoides, Graphium nomius, Graphium rhesus, Graphium stratiotes

Pazala Moore, 1888 [subgenus]

Graphium clymenius (Leech, 1893) [species]

Graphium glycerion (Gray, 1831) [species]

Graphium glycerion caschmirensis, Graphium glycerion fangana, Graphium glycerion glycerion, Graphium glycerion kimurai, Graphium glycerion phangana

Graphium kosii Müller, 1999 [species]

Graphium milon C & R Felder, 1864 [species]

Graphium polycenes Cramer, 1775 [species]

Graphium polycenes laurentia, Graphium polycenes policenes, Graphium polycenes telloi


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