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Lepidoptera Photo Gallery

Photos of adults, caterpillars, and other developmental stages

To search for species matching particular parameters (such as color, size, or geographical distribution) we recommend using our Catalog instead of or in combination with this gallery.

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Photos found: 2864. Species found: 689.

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Daphnis nerii Cossus cossus Diacrisia sannio Diacrisia sannio Diacrisia sannio Erebia turanica Erebia turanica Atrophaneura alcinous Atrophaneura alcinous Hyphoraia aulica Hyphoraia aulica Hyles euphorbiae Melitaea didyma Melitaea didyma Cucullia lactucae Melanchra persicariae Hadena capsincola Hadena capsincola Hadena capsincola Hadena capsincola Hadena capsincola Hadena capsincola Acronicta psi Lacanobia thalassina Lacanobia thalassina Lacanobia thalassina Phalera bucephala Phalera bucephala Euthrix potatoria Melanchra persicariae Melanchra persicariae Rhyparia purpurata Rhyparia purpurata Orgyia antiqua Cucullia asteris Cucullia pustulata Atrophaneura alcinous Deilephila elpenor Photo #32545 (undetermined species) Canephora hirsuta Photo #32445 (undetermined species) Calliteara pudibunda Calliteara pudibunda Calliteara pudibunda Macrothylacia rubi Pyrrhia exprimens Pyrrhia exprimens Pyrrhia exprimens

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Species catalog enables to sort by characteristics such as expansion, flight time and others.

Photo gallery of Lepidoptera.

Full taxonomy of Lepidoptera including references.

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