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Butterflies and Moths (Lepidoptera) — Butterflies and moths of the World
Photo: Morophaga choragella

Lepidoptera or, in other words, butterflies and moths, is one of the most popular insect orders. These are well–known and so beautiful beings who have wings covered with a tiny scales. Imagoes either use their probosces for getting liquids (that's why they are so keen on flowers), or just don't eat anything (then flowers are definitely out of their interests), and whose larvae cutely named caterpillars have strong jaws for chewing and, therefore, choose hard parts of plants. Most lepidopteran larvae live freely, without shelter, but few settle down in the soil, plant tissues and other decent insect dorms. One having luck to compare a caterpillar to an imago, may realize all the stages of the complete metamorphosis butterflies undergo, and any earnest farm worker surely has a huge load of stories to tell, concerned to how badly some lepidoptera can damage and exhaust lands, when they reproduct intensively and uncontrollably.. includes up–to–date species catalogue, individual descriptions and image gallery. So far we have:

How to navigate on the

If you're about to find a butterfly or moth species, please, choose a taxon name of the website most popular listed below, or look up all of the website taxa on the “Taxonomy” page.

If you have some specific query that includes such butterfly/moth characteristics as color, forewing length, flight time, expansion and/or others, go to the “Catalogue” page and set certain parameters in the right column, then press the “Show” button to see the results.

The “Gallery” section shows a vast collection of butterfly and moth photos at all life stages shot by professional photographers, nature lovers, entomologists and many other good people.

The “Community” section is a live news feed of butterflies from all over the world, actual talks about species, photos and lepidoptera. You're welcome to comment and take part in discussions as well!

Popular taxa


Agliinae, Arsenurinae, Ceratocampinae, Cercophaninae, Hemileucinae, Ludiinae, Oxyteninae, Salassinae, Saturniinae,
Antherina, Argema, Athletes, Gonimbrasia, Loxolomia, Pseudimbrasia


Alsophilinae, Archiearinae, Desmobathrinae, Ennominae, Geometrinae, Larentiinae, Oenochrominae, Orthostixinae, Sterrhinae,
Astalotesia, Godonella, Pleuromnema


Arctiinae, Aventiinae, Boletobiinae, Calpinae, Erebinae, Eublemminae, Herminiinae, Hypeninae, Hypenodinae, Lymantriinae, Phytometrinae, Rivulinae, Scoliopteryginae


Acontiinae, Acronictinae, Aganainae, Agaristinae, Amphipyrinae, Bagisarinae, Bryophilinae, Catocalinae, Condicinae, Cuculliinae, Dilobinae, Eriopinae, Eustrotiinae, Hadeninae, Metoponiinae, Noctuinae, Oncocnemidinae, Pantheinae, Plusiinae, Psaphidinae, Sinocharinae, Stictopterinae, Stiriinae, Xyleninae,
Anaphela, Anuga, Axiopoeniella, Calpoparia, Carpostalagma, Coccidiphaga, Discestra, Encruphion, Exophila, Galtarodes, Gespanna, Glossodice, Gonodonta, Grammarctia, Laelapia, Macrobarasa, Parasoloe, Phaegorista, Plectothripa, Powellinia, Procanthia, Prodotis, Proschaliphora, Soloe, Soloella, Sosxetra, Talhoukia, Yigoga


Aphnaeinae, Curetinae, Lycaeninae, Miletinae, Polyommatinae, Poritiinae, Theclinae,
Eumedonia, Ussuriensia


Apaturinae, Biblidinae, Calinaginae, Charaxinae, Cyrestinae, Danainae, Heliconiinae, Libytheinae, Limenitidinae, Melitaeinae, Morphinae, Nymphalinae, Satyrinae


Baroniinae, Papilioninae, Parnassiinae,
Ornithoptera, Pachliopta, Ripponia, Trogonoptera


Coliadinae, Dismorphiinae, Pierinae, Pseudopontiinae


Acentropinae, Crambinae, Cybalomiinae, Evergestinae, Glaphyriinae, Midilinae, Musotiminae, Noordinae, Odontiinae, Pyraustinae, Schoenobiinae, Scopariinae, Spilomelinae, Wurthiinae


Adaina, Amblyptilia, Anstenoptilia, Buckleria, Buszkoiana, Calyciphora, Capperia, Cnaemidophorus, Crombrugghia, Emmelina, Fuscoptilia, Geina, Gillmeria, Gypsochares, Hellinsia, Lantanophaga, Lioptilodes, Marasmarcha, Megalorhipida, Merrifieldia, Oidaematophorus, Oirata, Oxyptilus, Paracapperia, Paraplatyptilia, Platyptilia, Porrittia, Procapperia, Pselnophorus, Pterophorus, Puerphorus, Septuaginta, Sphenarches, Stangeia, Stenoptilia, Stenoptilodes, Tabulaephorus, Trichoptilus, Wheeleria


Argyriini, Chiloini, Crambini, Diptychophorini, Haimbachiini, Myelobiini, Prionapterygini,
Agriphiloides, Amselia, Anaclastis, Ancylolomia, Angustalius, Aurotalis, Australargyria, Autarotis, Batiana, Burmannia, Caffrocrambus, Calamotropha, Catancyla, Charltona, Charltoniada, Chilandrus, Chrysocrambus, Classeya, Conocramboides, Conocrambus, Conotalis, Corynophora, Crambixon, Culladiella, Diadexia, Diploptalis, Elethyia, Epichilo, Eurhythma, Flavocrambus, Gadira, Gargela, Hednota, Idioblasta, Japonichilo, Japonicrambus, Loxophantis, Malgasochilo, Mesocrambus, Metacrambus, Metaeuchromius, Microtalis, Neargyria, Neargyrioides, Nechilo, Neobanepa, Neocrambus, Neopediasia, Parancyla, Paraplatytes, Paratraea, Pareromene, Parerupa, Prionapteron, Prionotalis, Pseudargyria, Pseudocatharylla, Pseudoclasseya, Ptochostola, Roxita, Schoenobiodes, Sebrus, Talis, Tauroscopa, Tawhitia, Thisanotia, Ubida, Xanthocrambus


Aethes, Agapeta, Aprepodoxa, Carolella, Ceratoxanthis, Cochylidia, Cochylimorpha, Cochylis, Commophila, Cryptocochylis, Diceratura, Eugnosta, Eupoecilia, Falseuncaria, Fulvoclysia, Gynnidomorpha, Henricus, Hysterophora, Irazona, Lorita, Phalonidia, Phtheochroa, Phtheochroides, Phtheocroides, Prochlidonia, Prohysterophora, Rolandylis, Thyraylia is an illustrated catalogue of butterflies and moths. Terms of use and publishing policy.

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Species catalog enables to sort by characteristics such as expansion, flight time and others.

Photo gallery of Lepidoptera.

Full taxonomy of Lepidoptera including references.

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